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Your Potential Realized

Be propelled to reach your potential by clarifying what is most important to you. Formulating and executing a successful life takes time, engagement and courage. We work with successful intelligent people who value discipline, strategy and results. Be rewarded with more joy and less worry.

Experience radically rational wealth management.
Evidence-based, objective, fee-only.


Radically Rational Wealth Management

We invite you to explore our time-tested approach to proactive planning and disciplined, efficient investing: an approach so rational, it’s radical. At Journey, we act in your best interest — all day, every day. How is that different than the typical advisor? Just look at the math.

The Logic

If you had more time to do what is most important to you i.e. take care of your family, your health, important relationships, your professional life, your own growth, favorite activities and volunteering, or fill in the blank __________, while knowing that your finances and investments were optimally implemented that would be good.

If you believe you are in optimal financial shape, how do you know?  If you worry that you are not, what would you need to know to not worry?

If you are a do it yourselfer, that implies that you have the time, focus, tools, information, access and insight, discipline and lack of behavioral biases at all time to execute.

If you work with an advisor, first and foremost confirm they working in your best interest and if that hurdle is met, are you convinced that they have the time, focus, tools, information, access and insight, discipline and lack of behavioral biases at all time to ensure your plan is fully executed?

We can help you make sure your finances are optimal or we will work with to make sure they are. Please read through our website, especially our Bios and our ADV and let us know what you think, and if you are comfortable, let’s meet to better understand what you want and need.

Heart & Sole

Our sole reason for being is to increase our clients’ control, outcomes and purpose.

We execute practical and effective evidence-based strategies, with a transparent and competitive fee structure, delivered with extraordinary personal service. If you are not hitting your targets for savings, rebalancing, tax and risk management, legacy planning and other goals, you are likely not receiving the comprehensive personal financial planning you deserve.

Dig in and see just how unique we are — and how every difference benefits you.

Review the Evidence


Financial planning involves defining your financial goals in terms of dates, dollars and “what-ifs” — e.g. retirement, college and education, risk management, tax strategies and estate planning — and then modeling scenarios to show you the best path. Research has shown that an implemented financial plan can contribute a one- to three-percent return for investors.


We make our recommendations in accordance with a rational, evidenced-based approach of asset class investing.

Grounded in academic research spanning countries and decades, asset class investing advises that by having the right mix of asset class exposure in your portfolio, you can efficiently capture market return premiums, based on your risk profile and time horizon.


Knowing what you can and can’t control is an important survival skill.

Knowing yourself, what is most important to you: That is the most important variable in your financial equation.

Aligning your resources to the life you want to live calls for a proactive and integrated approach with seasoned guides who know the terrain.

You can control choosing your guide.

Ask these 20 Questions

You Are a Standout

Step up to personal financial planning and investment advice that is as distinctive as you are. The best plans always depend on what is most important to you and what you can control.

Let our team of warm, human CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERSTM create your own comprehensive financial plan and optimal investment strategy with you, from scratch.

We invite you to explore our time-tested approach to proactive planning and disciplined, efficient investing. It’s an approach so rational, it’s radical.

Meaningful Differences

Your Proactive Wealth Management ‘A’ Team



Peggy McGillin, CFP®, Aimée Plouffe , Casey Stratford, CFP® & Certified Trust Financial Advisor, Neil Collins, CFP®

The investment advisors at Journey Wealth Partners — each of whom is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ — allow us to deliver comprehensive wealth management strategies. We are diligent about applying the “relevant to you” changes in the ever-evolving worlds of investments, insurance and tax changes, all while accounting for the risks and opportunities that could impact your financial health.

Partner with us to clarify what you want from your life throughout your Journey.


Financial Wisdom

Improve your financial decision making.

Stay mindful, keep learning and, most importantly, take action:

  • Most resourceful state

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