Winter Doldrums? Try Snofmmm!

With the founder of Ikea’s death in the news you may be thinking Snofmmm is a sleek Scandinavian recliner made out of particle board that you assemble yourself.  Or you may be asking yourself why is a Wealth Planner writing a silly newsletter?  That is a reasonable question. With each newsletter I wish to be helpful and relevant to the readers.

I often contemplate “what is the zeitgeist at this moment?”  What are people thinking and feeling now in a very general way?  Well we are a month into the reality of our New Year’s resolutions, and it is dark and cold.  So since no one wants to revert back to eating, drinking and shopping, it may be a time of feeling a bit stressed, cranky, bored and antsy.

I happen to know from life experience and observation of many people that when making decisions, it is best for people to be in their most resourceful state.  My job is to help people make great decisions, so I care deeply that people are rested, relaxed, healthy and happy when we are working together.

With that in mind I offer you Snofmmm:

My ingredients for staying on top of my game no matter the season –

Self – Give yourself a break.  You are not a robot.  Being compassionate with yourself is an option.  Make time for self-care.  Schedule all your annual doctors’ appointments, or read a book for fun, or throw give stuff away.  Anything that you want to do but don’t feel you have the time to do.  Take the time for you.  Let your self be a human being, we can’t be human doings all the time.

Novelty – Shake it up.  Try to cook something new or take a class.  Work out differently.  Do something else to get you out of any rut you may be in.  Where ever you feel most stuck, try a radical new approach.  Sending emails all day, take a day just to pick up the phone.  You are the boss of you.

Others – Get out of your own head.  Yes these are serious times, and yes you are a serious person with real responsibilities.  Find a way to help someone who is really in a vulnerable situation.  That situation may be that they are old and frail, young and poor, or simply hungry, or isolated.  You know where to find people to help and if not call your town or place of worship and they will let you know.

Friends – Get together, in person.  Find a way to have some major full bell laughs and tell them what you value about your friendship.  It can be for a walk or for a Saturday night game night, but do not delay.  Schedule it now.

Meditation – You don’t have to get all Ohm and in front of a flickering candle for an hour but you can put your phone timer on for ten minutes and just sit there and with each passing thought, observe and say to yourself, isn’t that interesting or imagine each thought as a red balloon that you tie the thought to and watch it float away in your mind’s eye.  Don’t go down the rabbit hole of trying to solve what comes to mind, just notice it and go back to noticing your breath.  If you are squirmy, all the better.  You can be between appointments or picking up kids from school.  Try it.

Music – Pick a musician you don’t listen to too much on your favorite streaming station and when you are driving or home in the evening, enjoy that artist for an hour or so.  I recently listened to formerly Cat Stevens, now Yusaf Islam driving back from New Jersey this weekend.  It was great and brought back fond memories of the 70’s, and yet the lyrics are relevant today.

Movement – This is my favorite.  Get off the couch!  Or even better – don’t get on the couch.  Pack your bag for whatever you are going to do the day before, pack a snack for about an hour before leaving work and then go straight to the place, weather that is a health club, YMCA, basketball court, High School pool, tennis court or Zumba class.  The more different from what you regularly do the better.  I am a fan of running, cycling, yoga and swimming but this winter I am playing cardio tennis and trying groove class. My only goal is to move, and I am crushing it.

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Nothing stays the same, and that is true for the seasons, the market and politics, but if your thoughts continue to return to “When X happens, then I will be y”, for example, “when it’s spring I will start working out” is a dangerous trap.  One of my favorite old Chinese proverbs is “The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master”.  Instead, reject your rut and have some fun along the way.  Try combining a few of the Snofmmm ingredients above for your best winter yet. 

Since America will be on the couch this Super Bowl Sunday, Frank and I will be skiing and will still have time to watch the Patriot’s and the Iggles (that’s how they pronounce Eagles in Philadelphia).

Please let me know if I have motivated you to try one or more the ingredients in Snofmmm and if it works.  Please share your strategies for living fully as a comment on our blog.

Looking forward to our paths crossing in the New Year!


January 31, 2018

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