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Who We Are

Expect More, with Journey

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Financially conservative advisors? Yes.

Conventional advisors? No. Not by a long shot.

At Journey Wealth Partners, our investment philosophy is grounded in a conservative, evidenced-based approach. To us, that means implementing expertly constructed, efficient, low-cost, well-diversified, risk-adjusted portfolios, and using best practices for risk and wealth management, growth and income, asset tax location and common-sense retirement income withdrawal strategies.

Our model for serving clients, however, is far from conventional. For one thing, we combine investment management with financial planning because we know this approach greatly enhances clients’ probability of maintaining their standard of living in the future. Secondly, we provide comprehensive wealth management services (proactive planning and disciplined investing) for a competitive and transparent fee.

You might say Journey sits somewhere between two extremes. On the one hand, you have automated “robo advisors” (low fees, but generic recommendations and no human interaction). On the other, the large investment banks (personalized service, but high costs, opaque strategies/fees and, often, inherent conflicts of interest).

Having It All

In contrast, we deliver advice that’s clear, objective and fully personal. And we have chosen a fee-only fiduciary planning business because it is the best of all worlds — personal, efficient and effective.

We Are Radically Rational

We aren’t satisfied with the status quo (no real personal planning, unclear fees, conflicts of interests, confusing products, sales culture), and we have reasons to believe you shouldn’t be either.

Get to Know Us

What are the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ at Journey like? We are good listeners (and often chief perspective officers, money coaches and confidants). We take the time to know you and understand the life you want to lead. We enjoy solving problems and being creative in helping you achieve your goals. We care enough and have the courage to tell you not to believe everything you think about money.

We Are Beholden to You

As they have for decades, the leadership at the big firms are lobbying right now not to be held to the fiduciary standard. That’s why we are independent — objective, free to do the right thing for our clients always and able to sleep at night.

What would be different if you knew you were maximizing your financial potential and wealth strategies? To start the conversation, please contact us today.

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We are Journey Financial Planners, and we are Journey Wealth Partners, who we have grown to become.

Journey Old and New

Our clients and their needs have grown considerably more sophisticated and complex since our founding in 2008. Our ability to bring more investing smarts to the table with being an approved Dimensional Fund Advisor firm enables Journey to make world-class investments available to our clients.

Journey Financial Planners, LLC, is the corporation and our brand; planning, investing and implementation are our heritage and passion. Research shows that the value is derived from the integration of expert planning with efficient investing strategies. As investing options become more commoditized, investors are waking up to the realization that they are overpaying and being under advised. Journey Wealth Partners is our additional and expanded brand, and we believe for many people your best bet in realizing your financial potential.

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